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Great premise, the story wasn't too far fetched and showed how on the edge society really is when things break down.

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The dynamic btwn the characters was good too. Great book :D It's worth reading twice, which I will be doing at some point again! Jul 18, Maryellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-read , selectively-recommend.

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I'm still not sure why I picked this up, other than a penchant for doomy doom doom stories and an interesting story blurb. It was dark enough to take me several days to read - and I would not recommend to those sensitive to gore and violence.

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That said, it's a book that makes you believe that maybe some people CAN be heroes if given the chance. Jun 26, Jeffrey Higgins rated it it was amazing. OMG the best end of the world novel ever written. Do not pas this one up!! Aug 27, Josh rated it liked it. In order to review this book, I had to answer an important question: Why was a book that I thought was so stupid so hard to put down? Characters acted in a completely unbelievable way, and the dialogue was painfully unrealistic. This is the Planet 9 From Outer Space of novels. Apparently when society breaks down, men become one of two types of people: 1.

A sadistic and brutal cannibal rapist 2. A dashing hero In order to review this book, I had to answer an important question: Why was a book that I thought was so stupid so hard to put down? A dashing hero ready to lay down his life for any innocent person. The women are either one of two types: 1. A nymphomaniac who is only interested in banging as many guys as possible. The only woman in the entire book who actually tries to contribute to the survival of the group is a lesbian. All the other women sit around helplessly and try to seduce the men. May 08, Craig DiLouie rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror-and-apocalyptic-fiction.

As the United States dissolves into chaos and anarchy, five Green Berets, benefiting from advance knowledge, have prepared, stockpiling food and recruiting a small group of survivors to join them in a refurbished, abandoned missile silo. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, a new nation emerges in the aftermath, one that might give humanity a second chance while the rest of the world succumbs to savagery and cannibalism.

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The morality issues the author explores are interesting and a little arbitrary—those who eat people to survive are bad guys and should be put down like animals, and those who find a different way to survive are good guys and should be saved. I recommend it to fans of post-apocalyptic fiction as a taut thriller with engaging characters and tons of action. Apr 01, Liz Jackson rated it liked it. Cannibal Reign is by far the most terribly written, cringe worthy book that I have ever read.

And I am shocked that I enjoyed this book as much as I did. There are numerous reviews on goodreads that describe the weak women and macho pitiless men. I agree with each of those reviews. There is little to no character development. While this book is called Cannibal Reign, I actually feel that it should be called Rapist Reign for as much as the word 'rapist' is used. There is no thought or curiosity Cannibal Reign is by far the most terribly written, cringe worthy book that I have ever read.

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There is no thought or curiosity given to the need for human beings to become cannibals, they are simply called monsters and written off as monsters without any thought as to their suffering or frame of mind in this post apocalyptic world. I do hope the author will do some soul searching before writing his next book, he clearly has the ability to write a page turner, now only if he can make his writings relatable.

Aug 05, Marc Lohela rated it it was amazing. This is one of the best books I have ever read. I could not put it down. Thomas Koloniar gives us a glimpse into the hell that would surely be reality if this sort of event ever happened. No sugar coating. Repulsive behavior by mankind, yet believable. Aug 11, Susan Sherman rated it it was amazing. This is a great book. If you liked Lucifer's Hammer, You should like this. I found it very fast paced and could hardly wait to finish it.

I recommend this as a must read if you like to read about people's struggle to survive after a disaster. Jan 05, Jaymie rated it it was amazing. Certainly not what I thought it would be, but surely one if the more exciting and enjoyable books I've read in some time. Expect to feel a lot of anxiety should you choose to board this ride. The first is that of Jack Forrest and his friends and fellow Green Berets. The second, that of Marty Chittenden the astronomer.

Both possess knowledge that very few others do: an extinction sized asteroid is on course to collide with Earth. Due to some inside information, Jack Forrest and crew gather supplies and outfit a recently purchased missile silo, preparing to survive within with carefully chosen family and friends. Simultaneously, Marty Chittenden, the man who discovered the meteor in the first place, is doing everything he can to warn the rest of the world of the inevitable catastrophe, seeking the aid of the women loved long ago.

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Unfortunately for Marty and everyone else on Earth, the United States government wants this kept a secret in order to prevent panic over this unstoppable event. Marty Chittenden and those he falls in with find themselves in any number of dangerous situation. The two sources of conflict are created by both his desire to go warn the planet despite the wishes of the US government and survival on post-apocalyptic Earth.

Jack and his allies always make the right decision due to, what we are asked to believe is, their military background. Now that I think about it, in respect to just about every other way, too. The logical actions of these characters was a unique quality of this book, something not often found in apocalyptic fiction or many book genres for that matter. Which can seem a bit unrealistic at times.

Cannibalism, rape, tribalism, violence and more, everything one would assume to appear when there is no reason to follow now outdated societal laws and morals. The world within this book is that of a worst case scenario of societal fallouts with only small and widespread pockets of humanity left to make the world better. One of my key complaints with this book is that the characters felt a bit lacking.

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The characters were too logical, too perfect, and too plain. The storyline had a similar problem. The character did their perfectly logical thing and went about it the best possible way.

The events of the story were handled perfectly. And in any story that wants to grip the readers and keep them wondering what will happen next, perfect is boring. Reading through this book I found myself not finding any points to stop and wonder at the twists the story had taken or the actions of the characters. People rarely act in such a way that is always beneficial to them, especially given these circumstances.

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However inexplicably easy to overcome they may have been. Mechanically, the plot and characters could both be improved, but the spirit of the story makes it worth the read. Is it brutal at moments? Rating 2. While it is displayed in a way consistent to this specific view of the apocalypse and is present throughout the entirety of the book, it can be seen as bordering on, if not crossing, the line of excess.

Jack Forrest and his crew of former Green Berets are preparing for the end of the world in an abandoned missile silo, gathering a group of 50 men, women, and children in hopes of riding out the disaster to come. An asteroid is on its way towards Earth, and threatens to kill everyone within thousands of miles of impact, and kill millions more as the earth plummets into nuclear winter and ashy darkness. Will Earth survive, or fall in a sea of death and destruction? In Cannibal Reign, the author has taken a familiar post apocalyptic scenario and turned it into his own creation of terrifying adventure and characters to root for and fall in love with.

The narrative weaves among three separate storylines, eventually bringing them together to explosive effect. Quietly nursing his heartache over losing his son, the people in his care are in more than capable hands, and his core of humanity and loyalty runs very deep. Shannon Emory, perhaps my favorite character, is a soldier that abandons her team after it becomes clear that they may have certain plans for the women of the group. The world post-asteroid is absolutely terrifying to put it mildly. People are succumbing to their baser instincts, including, but not limited to, rape, human slavery, and cannibalism.

The food is running out and the weak are no match for those strong of will and evil of heart. The author is very good at the little details, which sometimes get lost in a book of this scope and length, and he obviously did his research into group dynamics and the psychology of post traumatic stress syndrome. The action is nearly nonstop and the fight scenes are choreographed to the hilt.