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Therefore, it is incumbent of African Americans to work with cultural institutions to preserve their family photography, documents, and objects. While African Americans have few traditions of giving material to museums, it is crucial that more of the black past make it into American cultural repositories. A good example is the Smithsonian, when the National Museum of American History wanted to mount an exhibition on slavery, it found it did not have any objects that described slavery.

That is partially a response to a lack of giving by the African American Community. This lack of involvement also affects the preservation of black historic sites. Though there has been more attention paid to these sites, too much of our history has been paved over, gone through urban renewal, gentrified, or unidentified, or un-acknowledged. Hopefully a renewed Black History Month can focus attention on the importance of preserving African American culture. There is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.

As the African American Community diversifies and splinters, it is crucial to find mechanisms and opportunities to maintain our sense of community. As some families lose the connection with their southern roots, it is imperative that we understand our common heritage and history. The communal nature of black life has provided substance, guidance, and comfort for generations. And though our communities are quite diverse, it is our common heritage that continues to hold us together.

One thing has not changed. That is the need to draw inspiration and guidance from the past. And through that inspiration, people will find tools and paths that will help them live their lives. Who could not draw substance from the creativity of Madame CJ Walker or the audacity and courage of prize fighter Jack Johnson. Or who could not continue to struggle after listening to the mother of Emmitt Till share her story of sadness and perseverance. And I draw inspiration from the anonymous slave who persevered so that the culture could continue.

Let me conclude by re-emphasizing that Black History Month continues to serve us well. Experiencing Black History Month every year reminds us that history is not dead or distant from our lives. I experience the African American past when I think of my grandfather choosing to leave the South rather than continue to experience share cropping and segregation.

Barack Obama forever changed black America

Or when I remember sitting in the back yard listening to old men tell stories. Ultimately, African American History — and its celebration throughout February — is just as vibrant today as it was when Woodson created it 85 years ago. Because it helps us to remember there is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. Privacy Terms of Use. Skip to main content.

Scurlock Studio Records, ca. There is no vaccine or cure. Guinea worms grow in your body cavity, then work their way out of your body, often through your leg or foot. If, to relieve the pain, you place your foot in water with a worm exposed, the worm will burst and send millions of larvae into the water supply. But the trendline is dramatic and hugely encouraging. And with the FDA poised to ban cigarettes with addictive levels of nicotine , traditional cigarettes could soon be a thing of the past in the US.

The next frontier in the battle against smoking, then, is in the developing world , where progress has been harder. The past was a quite violent place. As research from criminologist Manuel Eisner shows, homicide in European countries has been on the decline for centuries.

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Eisner estimates that in the s and s, Europe had an average homicide rate of about 32 per , By the s, that rate had fallen to about 1. The US has historically been an outlier among rich countries, with an unusually high homicide rate. Of course, other violent crimes are also serious, but they have been decreasing steadily in the US since the early s, as part of the overall dramatic decline in crime rates. World nuclear weapons stockpiles peaked in at an astonishing level of 70, warheads, and the period since then has seen a sharp decline in US and Russian stockpiles, and, thus, the overall global total.

There have been some lapses in the international nonproliferation regime, with Pakistan and North Korea developing weapons, but South Africa and post-USSR Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine all voluntarily gave up their arms. But after the fall of the Berlin Wall , the Communist dictatorships almost all vanished, and most of the Eastern European ones were replaced with democratic systems.

US-backed military governments in Latin America lost power, and a number of African dictators fell. We still have a lot to do to improve access to education, but even in developing countries like China and India, average years of schooling have been growing swiftly. Increased access to education has, unsurprisingly, coincided with increased literacy. A lot of progress has also been made by reducing racial gaps in literacy. In , But by , according to National Center for Education Statistics data, the illiteracy rate was down to 1.

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One bright spot is the declining price of solar power, which is fueling a rapid increase in adoption. Solar and wind are now cheaper per megawatt hour than gas or oil, though better batteries are needed if the two are to become primary sources of energy. In southwestern Ohio, where I was born and raised, mantras of low taxation and small government have become the way to avoid discussing the challenges of globalization.

The rise of populist, xenophobic and nationalist parties has been attributed to tensions arising from the financial crisis in Europe. While these tensions have erupted in some regions of the United States as well, ironically at the national level, the steep downturn delivered a democratic victory with the election of Barack Obama. This is not … Read more. Tr nsit Online Authors Bradley F. Abrams History, Stanford University Read more. Seit wirkt er freischaffend als Sozialwissenschaftler und Publizist. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Diskurs- und Kulturgeschichte der deutschen Zweistaatlichkeit und der ostdeutschen Transformation sowie die Generationengeschichte der DDR und Ostdeutschlands.

History, Oxford Read more.

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  5. In he was awarded the Latsis Prize of the European Science Foundation for his work on immigration and social cohesion in modern societies. Among his many publications are Immigration and Boundaries of Citizenship , Transnational Citizenship: Membership and … Read more. Geschichte, Cambridge Read more. Freelance journalist, Wien Read more. Soziologie, Seattle Read more. Mischa Gabowitsch gabowitsch. He is the author of Putin kaputt!? Suhrkamp, , a study of the Russian protests for fair elections, and maintains protestrussia.

    Warsaw correspondent for Die Welt Read more. Jahrhundert und die Geschichte des Konsums in Europa. Geschichte Read more.

    Understanding Race and Privilege

    Haraszti studied philosophy and … Read more. Freelance journalist, Berlin Read more. Jennifer L. Hochschild is Professor of Government at the John F. Bruce P. Jackson is the founder and President of the Project on Transitional Democracies.

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    The Project is a multi-year endeavour aimed at accelerating the pace of reform in post democracies and advancing the date for the integration of these democracies into the institutions of the Euro-Atlantic. Jackson has written extensively about the engagement of Russia … Read more. Anatoly M. He has served as President of … Read more. Professor of Sociology, University of Belgrade Read more. He worked as a consultant for several nongovernmental and international organizations, icnluding UNHCR. Katherine S. Newman is the James B. She is a widely published expert on poverty and the working poor who led major interdisciplinary initiatives at Princeton and Harvard universities.

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    Paul Sanders is a historian and management scholar. He has published across the disciplines of history, international relations and leadership. He worked for various newspapers, among them as editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. From to he was Editor-in-Chief of Die Welt.