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I think Sarah M and I could drum up huge love for you… dude, make it happen! We love your stories! Every chapter leaves us dying to know what happens next. Currently listening to Book 3. Thanks, Jill! We are always thinking about how to serve readers best with our limited time and resources.

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I hope we can come up with something down the road that helps. Yes, please take your time! We want the best book possible, and I know that takes time. Also, feel free to split it into two books! I want to know more about Emma in the last book. I want to know where the Whitson Stone is. Two more books. It could be amazing. Thanks for all that you do!

I love the books just as much as my kids, and I insist on reading them aloud before they get them! So will Book 4 be the end of the series? My daughter will be needed a new copy of the Green Ember soon- she has read it over and over the cover is wearing off, and I am sure she will read book 4 whenever it comes out.

Take your time!

Shadow Falls

I am an avid reader especially the classics. This the best series I have read in years and our whole family loves it. You have the talent power to write something that will endure. While my family hopes Book 4 will be out soon, we do appreciate your dedication to making it as good as the previous three, thank you. We respectfully disagree with those who are afraid of their kids outgrowing these books. The Hubs and I love these books just as much as our kids and we bought the set for our babysitter for a Christmas present completely confident that a 16 year old will love them!

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How could one outgrow rabbits with swords??!!! Bearing the Flame, Angela B. We made a Christmas ornament out of the sticker that came with our book order. Hi all! There is nothing like great literature especially a story that can grip your heart like the Green Ember series. Your as old, or as young as you feel. Thankyou S. Smith and may God richly bless your talent.

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Hi Mr. I named my rabbit Pickett after the character!!!! Please know that I love your books and I am sure that you will create a wonderful 4th book that we will all love!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Selah. We love the LFC shirt as well!! Thanks for creating meaningful lasting stories we can share with our children! Smith, I love your books because from the very first one, when Heather is on the porch with Maggie Weaver, looking through the mist and imagining what might someday be, I got chills. I knew it was something deeper. The hope of the mending speaks deeply to me as someone who lives in the now and not yet.

Thank you for sharing these stories! My daughter 12 next week received the first e-book as a birthday gift when she turned 9 from a fellow MK a few years ago. She did—with 5 others younger than her, I stay busy. Next one in line is anxiously waiting because she sees the others so absorbed, she knows it must be good. Keep it! Good, clean, bravery-inducing books for my brood of bookworms. Thank you for the update!

Our family 2 parents, 4 teenagers has loved each book, and we are anticipating the next one; but, please take the time you need to craft an enduring tale. I love your books so, so so much! We are excited about book 4, of course, it Bilbo is right! And you should write with both your heart and your head- so take all the time you need.

We will all still be here waiting the book is ready! And in the meantime we can re-read the ones we have to prepare. Thank you for taking the time you need to create a legendary book! We teach Grade 2 and 3 and our favourite thing to do is to read aloud together… it is difficult for us to wait to read your books to our sons, who are 2 and under, but in the meantime we have been busy lending them to everyone we know. We love that you want to write books that will last and truly think that yours will, because they have such honest, enduring and relevant themes.

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