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When she becomes the victim of bullying at school, she discovers her own strength. Dabei wechselt die Perspektive zwischen mikroskopischer Topografie und den immensen Entfernungen des Kosmos. Der erste Teil untersucht die Makroperspektive: Der zweite Teil bezieht sich auf die Mikroperspektive: Presented in two parts, the first exploring the macro; the nature of physicality and formation on a celestial level, with the latter concerning the micro; the world unseen, thriving with lifeforms, continuously expanding and in complete symbiosis.

The soundtrack by Howlround has been composed entirely of creaking objects and manipulated on magnetic tape machines. The dead bodies of Yan Cumbao, Wang Hao and Sung Chungman were tied together to life vests, cellular phones, computers and passports. Two of them were found malnourished, another with scurvy and tifus and Yin Xinji's body was never found.

On November the third, Camilo Anguita went to look for sea shells at the beach and found the body of Wang Hao being eaten by seagulls. In June, Carmen's cousin told her that on the lighthouse close to his ranch, an starving asian man, hid there for three days before disappearing, apparently he headed towards la Pampa.

In May , after the finishing of this film, the unidentified body of an asian worker stranded on the beach of the Strait, at twelve kilometers from route nine.


Sie werden eins mit der neuen Welt. First steps are taken on new worlds. And then the giant lets out a stream of black piss and pees a brand new universe. Reason enough for the two creatures who landed in the new spot with the giant to jump into the vast blackness.

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Love in outer space. They become one with the new world.

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Ein melancholischer Traum, der um die Krise in Griechenland kreist. Oneiric forces hijack collective history as we see the birth of a new? An economic farce and doomed love story with a flavour of frozen moussaka. Marked by a history of racism and segregation, people of Newark are heavily policed on a daily basis. In this film, three siblings from Newark have to find a way to spend time together in the absence of their mother who is away working three long shifts.

The scenes played out are informed by the objections filed against the planning application, as well as online articles speculating about the lives and lifestyles of the super-rich. Built as a utopian city by Silvio Berlusconi, his first ambitious real estate project became the bridgehead of his media and later political empire.

Jerks don't say fuck. Dies ist kein Ort, an dem man frei sprechen kann. This is not a place where you can speak freely. There must be somebody monitoring you from a dark corner. Die Ernsthaftigkeit, mit der sie diese Handlungen vollziehen, kontrastiert mit ihrer Sinnlosigkeit, was einen Slapstick-Effekt erzeugt.

Rail Operations, Theater

They smoke, yawn, massage themselves and practice military exercises in a city and in a park. The seriousness with which they perform these acts contrasts with their pointlessness, which creates the effect of slapstick. Yang Fudong reveals that because of social changes, certain rituals have become totally meaningless. Dieses Video wurde auf einer Baustelle gedreht. About 30 workman in soldier's uniforms and helmets as required work as usual. The camera record objectively, but there was an actor among these workers and then these men would putting themselves in a virtual video situation unconsciously.

Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, wann meine Heimatstadt, gelegen im Kreis Yongxing in der Provinz Hunan, den Namen Silberstadt verliehen bekam. But I heard that in order to celebrate the naming of Yindu, the county built a silver building, I suspect it was actually only a layer of silver on the facade of the building but nevertheless.

This is my fourth work, and as usual, I finished the images, the sounds and the music all by myself. Eine Art psychologischer Test, bei dem sich die Teilnehmenden mit all ihren Sinnen beteiligen sollen. A sort of psychological test, where participants should open themselves to experiencing the events with all of their senses. Disparate images, sounds and text collide to create a sense of disorientation and delirium in a world of trickery and deception.

Die ergreifende Einsamkeit gegen Ende des Lebens.

Ich hatte doch Erfolg und Sicherheit, doch es war nicht genug, ich bin innerlich explodiert. Why was I so unhappy? But it wasn't enough. I was exploding inside.

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As the future starts devouring the present, how can we hope to remember the past? For one year we look through the eyes of the distant observer. From solstice to solstice, from pole to pole, from storm to storm we watch Earth's beauty and fragility, weather's wonders, forces and disasters - from space, it all looks miraculous. With slow movements, the 13 twigs, acting in concert as one body, imitating a stick insect, explore a intimate apartment setting.

The twig is neither entirely ghostly nor entirely physical matter - it is a fiction with three-dimensional features in a real filmed setting. Ein Containerdorf in der flirrenden Hitze des italienischen Sommers. Die rhythmischen Wiederholungen ihres Alltags werden in Stille hingenommen. The snapshot of a landscape, on the verge of the new arterial highway of northern Italy. The climate scenario becomes a lot of hot air, data sloshing everywhere, shitstorms or floods of refugees. Lust of fear everywhere. A filmic attempt to mediate between troposphere and trope.

Time stands still as he oscillates between the need for solace and his urge for revenge. A musical featuring Guinean percussion master Mohamed Bangoura "Red Devil" , loosely based on his own story. Eine Generation, die sich mit wachsender Anspannung mit der Zukunft konfrontiert sieht. Three tales tinged with aspiration and the desire to escape express a look into a youth absorbed by the power of dreams and the harshness of reality. Rivers to be followed.

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The work is about spaces in which to dwell. An archive—this exhibition—in which all of these spaces coalesce; a residency—Timelab—from which they depart. Every space marks a stand: Because even though you can stake a space with an intervention, a mode of being, a presence, an interpretation, time and again that space needs to be given over again You have to let go of it and return to it the possibility of its own interventions, modes of being, and interpretations—to let a space live.

Gansterer allows the space to draw. Yet, the artist is an experienced draftsman. That it takes little or no tools or media? Why then these elaborate installations? That it manifests itself fast or immediately? Then why is it these drawings take twelve hours or more to complete? Is drawing perhaps self-effacing, effecting a near-disappearance of the medium in its making?

Each of these installations, on the contrary, renders the medium highly visible.

TRAILER Historischer Roman "Das Gold der Kelten" von Claude Cueni

Perhaps it is more apt to speak of hypermediacy, of ultra-mediation. The box floating on the water in which a pen registers its movements on a sheet of paper; the wires fanning out in four directions but meeting in a pen; the pen attached to a shoot of bamboo; the pens linked to balloons that register the slight quivers of air provoked by passersby: That too is a way of letting go. These installations signal humbleness and allow the artist to move away from the instrument al.

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The artist creates intervention a relationship mode of being and in return begets a drawing an interpretation. And it is exactly here that the performative aspect of these drawings, of the installation, and of the archive can be located: Gansterer is a collector of traces, a harvester of drawings. He combines the methodology of the archivist with that of a gardener: He seeks them out: These are some of his basic tools: High-tech this is decidedly not.