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Howard Wolowitz: I see. Well, it's good to know, when I need you guys, I can always count on you to step up and ruin everything. Penny Hofstadter: Amy got her ears pierced, she broke up with Sheldon, and she made us eat penis cookies. Leonard Hofstadter: If there was a hidden compartment, don't you think you'd be stuffed in it by now? Howard Wolowitz: I bet he picked up a lot of cute grad students in this bad boy.

25 newspaper and magazine blunders that are unintentionally hilarious

Sheldon Cooper: It's bad enough I'm being taken against my will. I don't see why it has to be in some hippie's mobile sex dungeon. Howard Wolowitz: There's something about this van I think you'll find interesting. Sheldon Cooper: Are you really going to let them take you in a van to an undisclosed location?

Sheldon Cooper: Oh? And how are you going to get me into that van?

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This is ridiculous! Sheldon Cooper: You can never be too careful. Amy Farrah Fowler: In the spirt of the bachelorette party, I baked cookies shaped like male genitals. Amy Farrah Fowler: If my mother could see me now, she'd send me to the sin closet. Amy Farrah Fowler: The joke was on her. I could still watch TV through the slats.

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Penny: I get it! Leonard has no business being involved with a waitress-slash-actress who felt so insecure that she lied to him about finishing community college. Penny: Well, he was going on and on about this college and that grad school - and I didn't want him to think I was some kind of stupid loser. Sheldon Cooper: You thought the opposite of stupid loser was community-college graduate? Penny: You know, there are a lot of successful people who graduated from community college.

Sheldon Cooper: Not necessarily. This is a classic example of M? Aishwarya Rai is a goddess! By comparison, Madhuri Dixit is a l-leperous prostitute! Sheldon Cooper: [shocked] Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. Obviously, you're not that familiar with Indian cinema. Howard Wolowitz: [Wolowitz and Koothrapali have been watching Leonard and Penny on a video camera] You should thank us.

When future generations try to determine why your date with Penny crashed and burned, this right here is the black box. Leonard Hofstadter: Okay, so she said she wants to slow things down.

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It's like saying, "I'm really enjoying this meal! I'm going to slow down and savor it. Howard Wolowitz: No - it's like: "This fish tastes bad, so I'm gonna slow down and spit it out. Leonard Hofstadter: [about his date with Penny] Where could I have possibly gone wrong? Howard Wolowitz: The littlest things can set women off - like, "Hey, the waitress is hot!

I bet we could get her to come home with us. I want to know what I'm getting into. Sheldon Cooper: Well, I am sorry, but you would have had to have expressed that desire before revealing the secret, so that I could choose whether I wanted to accept the covenant of secret-keeping. You can't impose a secret on an ex-post-facto basis.

Sheldon Cooper: Secret-keeping is a complicated endeavor. One has to be concerned not only about what one says, but about facial expressions, autonomic reflexes. When I try to deceive, I myself have more nervous tics than a Lyme disease research facility.

Bloopers that were too risque to air

It relies on the homonymic relationship between "tick", the blood-sucking arachnid, and "tic", the involuntary muscular contraction. I made it up myself. Sheldon Cooper: You must release me from my oath. I can't keep your secret, Penny. I'm going to fold like an energy-based de novo protein in conformational space Sheldon Cooper: I'm constitutionally incapable. That's why I was refused clearance for a very prestigious government research fellowship at a secret military supercollider located beneath a fake agricultural station Leonard Hofstadter: Sheldon!

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How could you just sit there and let them spy on me? Sheldon Cooper: They were clever, Leonard: they exploited my complete lack of interest in what you were doing. Sheldon Cooper: Well, a few years ago, he did go out with a woman who had a Ph. Sheldon Cooper: Well, for one thing, she was French. For another, it was literature. Rajesh Koothrapali: You can't stay with me - I have a teeny, tiny apartment. Sheldon Cooper: Excuse me, but isn't hosting guests an aspect of Manushya-Yajna, one of the five central religious duties or sacrifices of the Hindu house-holder?

Sheldon Cooper: Don't you worry about the residual radium from the luminous dials? Sheldon Cooper: I can't believe I didn't bring my Geiger counter. I had it on my bed, and I didn't pack it. Rajesh Koothrapali: Well, if you're not comfortable staying here, Sheldon Sheldon Cooper: [looking at tape of Penny kissing Leonard] Jaw clenched, no tongue access.

Clearly a bad sign in human mating. Sheldon Cooper: Oh, please. You might as well be two iguanas with no dewlap enlargement. Rajesh Koothrapali: [High-pitched voice] Strippergram! Howard Wolowitz: Couldn't you've just wrapped him up in a paper bag and set fire to him? Sheldon Cooper: I assume you are not refering to digestive regularity. It has been my experience that asking that is highly inappropriate. Howard Wolowitz: That's a bit of an overreaction to a little harmless necrophilia. Sheldon: Well, I would prefer that you didn't but I won't go so far as to forbid it. Howard Wolowitz: Koothrapali dumped him on me and he couldn't get to sleep so I gave him a glass of warm milk with a handful of my mom's Valium in it but he still wouldn't shut up so tag you're it!

Sheldon Cooper: Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it but we can't tell dad! Leonard Hofstadter: Damn it! Sheldon, you said Penny told you a secret. What was the secret? Sheldon Cooper: Penny lied about graduating from community college because she's afraid she's not smart enough for Leonard. Sheldon Cooper: I know. Most of your work is extremely derivative. Don't worry that's not a secret.

Everybody knows! Penny: Oh, yeah, you know what, maybe we should just slow things down a little. Leonard Hofstadter: No, no, I didn't mean to go into your apartment to Penny: No, I know, I I know what you meant, it's just Leonard Hofstadter: Yeah, okay, sure, no problem, why don't we just figure out where we're going, and when we want to get there, and then rate of speed equals distance over time. Solve for R.

Leonard Hofstadter: Yeah, hi, listen, I know what's been bothering you about us, and I have the answer. Leonard Hofstadter: First I want to say that it's not Sheldon's fault, he tried very hard to keep your secret, if Howard hadn't drugged him he would have taken it to his grave. Leonard Hofstadter: Yes, but it's okay.