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The heroine didn't know that she was his mistress, she thought she was his girlfriend and was devastated.

Accidentally Pregnant! (Mills & Boon Cherish): First edition

A day after the hero left, the heroine tripped and fell losing the baby. More drama ensued and the heroine left. Years later they run into each other again and the heroine has a child hat looks exactly like the hero, yet th When the heroine told the hero she was pregnant, he said that it wasn't suppose to happen, he didn't want a child and that his mistress wasn't suppose to provide him one. Years later they run into each other again and the heroine has a child hat looks exactly like the hero, yet the hero is confused how this could be.

Once facts are sorted out from fiction, he discovers he loves the heroine and her son, which is coincidentally his as well.

Now he won't let her go. Mar 27, Lynsey A rated it liked it Shelves: This was a 3 to 3. There were parts of it I liked and others I didn't. The hero wasn't a bad guy.

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The back of the book makes him sound pretty callous but it is far from true. He was definitely shocked about the pregnancy but never at any time did he think about dumping the heroine. He was willing to marry her but misunderstandings of course led to the drama in the book. Phoebe had her reasons for keeping her pregnancy from Jed. She actually thought view spoiler [Jed wanted her to terminat This was a 3 to 3. She actually thought view spoiler [Jed wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, again because of misunderstanding what Jed said. There was a time near the end where I wanted to slap Phoebe over her thoughts about Jed.

By this time she was aware of more of the facts of the past. It just seemed she was being catty to just be catty. However, I started to like her more at the end. There was a cute little epilogue that I liked. This is a decent enough read. View all 3 comments. Didn't she understand—she was only a pleasing distraction? Sadly Phoebe lost the man she loved, and her baby…. So it is with disbelief that, years later, Jed discovers Phoebe has a little boy…who looks just like him!

Great story - love Ms. Jan 03, Jenny rated it liked it. The heroine made me a bit angry with her "I'm a martyr" attitude plus keeping a child a secret for five years is unforgivable as far as I'm concerned. She bugged me and the hero deserved better. Still this was a touching story, and I read it in one sitting. It was impossible for me to put it down.

Seems like this author can never be boring I'll give her that! She should have really given Jed the benefit of doubt, and saved herself a lot of pain and loss. Jed always loved Phoebe only was afraid to admit this; when he lost her, he thought he lost all, until 5 years later Mar 08, Shari Kay marked it as not-for-me. He didn't look for her Jul 26, MissKitty rated it liked it. Sep 23, elstaffe rated it did not like it Shelves: Well, duh, it's in the title, so Initial happiness, tainted by the hero's inability to respond in a non-asshole way to the news that he's going to be a father?

Fleeing and hiding of the heroine from the big bad hero for five years, until they meet at a plot event? Forced marriage because of wish of a dying man? General mind control of heroine by the "hero"? The main point that bugs me is number 10, which never actually gets addressed in the book. Up until page of this odd page book, the hero was still being a total handfucker.

He glanced around in a daze, wondering what she was talking about, and saw his very masculine bed made up with white linen and covered in rose petals. Cora's doing, no doubt, but he was not a man to miss an opportunity Taking credit for his sister's work is certainly not the worst of this guys' offenses, but seriously, way to start your marriage on an honest footing, dude. It is not until page of this page including the epilogue! He really has to rush to get it all out in one gigantic infodump, but to be fair, he's kind of constrained by the word count.

There were some points where I actually enjoyed the writing in this book, and I think had this author created a less abhorrent-to-me "hero," things could have gone a bit differently. As it is, I will possibly pick up another book by Jacqueline Baird, but with extreme caution for tycoonery.

Aug 23, Cherise rated it did not like it Shelves: This one is pretty awlful to me. I do not feel any love but only lust between these two, cannot connect at all. The h is actually likeable in that she isn't as much of a doormat as the typical h and she did say no when her braincells are not fried by lust for the H. While I understand there should be chemistry between couples, I feel quite contempuous of h that not only make the same mistake once, but more or less time and again, especially considering what she has been dealt with.

I find her too This one is pretty awlful to me. I find her too easy to forgive and forget. The H is just plain awlful.

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He never even bother to try to make it up for the h after knowing what she has been through and what she told him happened. Instead he just brushed past all her resentment as if it was nothing and had the nerve to hold a grudge against her. I don't know, maybe he has his reason but considering he knew what the h thought, I think he should at least be trying to make some amends, not time and again manipulate her into doing things she doesn't wish.

What is worst, we were in his head, and what we see there doesn't look like a man in love, just someone very deliberately and cold heartedly trying to ignore h's wishes and happiness to get to his endgame. Very callous and selfish H. We didn't know, well even he himself didn't know, what he feels unless the last few pages. And frankly by then, I have given up on him and the sudden turnabout just seems fake and forced. I totally hate this one as the h is being more or less shoved into situation after situation against her will, which can work if there is some point in the story that we see something besides lust from the H.

H's treatment of her protest is belittling and highhanded, seriously I pity the h for having to deal with such a man as never once in his thoughts did we even hear his concern for the h at all. This could have been a good plot if not for the bad execution, no grovelling at all makes this one absolutely awlful. Jul 05, Booklover rated it really liked it Shelves: Very good read,liked Phoebe very much though Jeb was jerk at moments but he was a good man,actually liked the fact Phoebe grew strong and became independent after the way Jeb treated her,also liked the fact she took all the gifts and car that Jeb gave her.

Inspite of misunderstandings their love wins and they do manage to get their HEA.

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Overall i enjoyed this secret baby story. Nov 04, Sruthi rated it really liked it Shelves: JB never cease to amaze me. Jed is a wonderful character , Intimidating , Rich , Hot , Arrogant yet his emotions ran deep and there is some softness to his character. Adding up more JB to my to-read-list ;. Match made in HP heaven.

Jun 30, IamGamz rated it liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who like secret baby books. I love secret baby books and this one was ok. Jed Sabbides met Phoebe Brown at the reception desk of the hotel he was staying at. She became a challenge when she initially refused to go out with him and then when she refused to immediately jump into bed with him. Jed loved the novelty of the challenge and gave chase, eventually winning Phoebe and setting her up in an apartment. Phoebe was an innocent and she loved Jed. He was a boyfriend and she was thrilled when a year after they started dating, she learned she was pregnant.

She assumed that they would take the next step in their relationship and get married. When Jed surprised by returning home earlier than expected from a business trip, she took it as a good sign and blurted out her baby news. Expecting the unexpected Real estate entrepreneur Julia Martinelli had planned out her entire life.

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She was the polar opposite of her mother. Baby on the Run by Kate Little released on Apr 01, is available now for However her plans are changed when she runs off the road. She was shocked at Jed's response. He accused her of infidelity, of being a gold digger and lying about the baby's paternity. He was harsh and cruel, telling her she was nothing but his mistress and a baby was not in his future and that his friend Dr.

Marcus would take care of her pregnancy. After he left for the day, Phoebe broke down and realizing that Jed wanted her to terminate her pregnancy, she decided to leave. While rushing to pick her belongings, she had a fall which resulted in a miscarriage. Five years later, Phoebe is attending an embassy event with a friend and runs into Jed.

Well, maybe it's time for a little one-on-one assignment…. Christmas In High Heels. The Lassiters, Book 1. Tamed by the Billionaire.