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Her written work has appeared in places like The Washington Post and Salon.

Levi’s jeans 501 Origin

With a background in sales at Random House, Tarja uses her marketing and social media experience to create collaborations for Moxie Road and help other writers grow their communities and position their books. From creative writing classes to live storytelling events to publishing books, Janine and Tarja are passionate about helping people bring their stories into the world. Consider becoming a BridgeBuilder! Limited partial scholarships available. Email Ani Tascian for an application.

Special accommodations available. Funds raised from the retreat benefit Hedgebrook and the newly established Hedgebrook scholarship for a St. Mary's MFA student. Register Now. It is also a global community of women writers and people who seek extraordinary books, poetry, plays, films and music by women.

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Hedgebrook Collaborations are a series of independently organized, local events that brings people together to share a Hedgebrook-like experience of radical hospitality. These events aim to expand the conversations happening at the Hedgebrook retreat to include readers, writers, publishers, and other changemakers who share a commitment to equalvoice.

An optional third year in an alternate genre is available. After 20 years the SMC MFA in Creative Writing continues to thrive, distinguishing itself by its award winning faculty, its stellar alumni, and its development opportunities for students in teaching, publishing , and community engagement.

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Each entering student receives some form of scholarship, fellowship, or waiver. Mary Volmer Saint Mary's College maryvolmer gmail. Close Back. Academic Centers Counseling M. Credential Programs Masters Programs. Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism. Saint Mary's College Museum of Art.

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Make a Gift Now Giving Opportunities. Saint Mary's Magazine College Communications. What majors and minors are offered? Information for graduate programs? Information for undergraduate students? Information for transfers students? How do I apply? How much are tuition and fees? In terms of the shape of jeans, jeans can be divided into various categories , such as super skinny to straight considering their fitness with legs, high rise to low rise considering their positions with waists, capris-pants to short pants considering their length, let alone countless decorative pattern and fashionable elements.

It is almost impossible to classify how many genres of jeans in the world due to different standards. However, each and every pair of jeans somehow can be classified into a certain category because of its direct impression on people. The process of classification is exactly the process of making index.

People extract the most distinguished elements from jeans and organize similar ones together and entitle them. Therefore, whenever people see a specific pair of jeans, they may hold a basic impression and description on it, which under most occasions, is the very categories of jeans. Take our as an example. It is easy to tell it belongs to women jeans and has boyfriend style from its look. When trying to explain the iconic mode in semiotics, Peirce holds the idea that every picture however conventional its method is an icon.

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Pictures are received information which means that we need no formal education to get the message. The message is instantaneous. What comes to my mind at the first glance of the picture is that this is a picture of a jeans for Women, or, due to Peirce, we can say it is an icon of a jeans. While after having done some researches and try to analyze this picture more seriously, it is not just a simple icon of a pair of jeans any more. It is a complex mixture of different layers of symbols.

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In the preview picture of this jeans in the selling page, the face of the model, which contains clear clues about race, disappears. Actually, not only about the race, the face contains most information for personal visual identification. Personal identification, here, like what has been mentioned in Understanding Comics Scott McCloud, , is something about the audience involvement. It make sense that in order to embrace the potential consumers all around the world, Levis choose such kind of pictures in order to offer better personal identification to the consumers so that they would believe that these jeans might also look good on them.

So what actually leads to a change on the showing, or we may say, selling strategy here?

Is this picture still attractive to consumers? In the brand story of Levis that is shown in its official website, Hippies patched and painted them. Rocker girls shredded and studded them. It is quite understandable that people being involved in the fashion industry knows about series as a really famous series of Levis. The classic designing of is a collection of several specific typical characters of jeans.